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Floor Care Services provided by Shanks Custom Hardwood Inc. in Spokane, WA

You should wait 30 days before putting any rugs down due to the UV cure out time. We recommend you have rugs at all entry points inside and out to trap as much dirt and grit as possible. But please be sure to put neoprene mats under any rug or mat that is touching the finished hardwood to avoid discoloring or dulling of the finish. Most other non-slip solutions will chemically react to the polyurethane burning a pattern into your floor.

Sweeping regularly is going to keep grit under control and will help to prevent scratches. You should use a microfiber or dust mop to sweep your floors. A bristle headed wand and canister vacuum is also okay. We do not recommend an upright vacuum.

No cleaner for two weeks after wood floors are sealed. Dust mop only. After the first two weeks we recommend using Bona Kemi Hardwood Floor Cleaner – just a few mists and a micro fiber cloth to to wipe up. Do not over use cleaner.

Put felt on all furniture that touches the floor to avoid scratches and scuff marks. Replace as often as needed to keep felt free of debris. LIFT furniture when moving it, do not scoot.

The best looking floors are only walked on in socks. While this may not always be an option, keep in mind that our shoes carry in a lot of dirt, grit, and rocks. Some shoes like high heels can even dent floors, while others if not in good repair can also dent and scratch.

Drape or Shade windows to limit sunlight to avoid an uneven appearance.